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  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆   By Terrible service
    July 04, 2017
    I am mortified that a business would treat its customers as I was treated. After I raised a phone harassment claim with the police - I wanted to share my experience. 1. The company held my $500 for 4 weeks & didn't deliver on my order as promised because their 1 carpenter hurt his hand. 2. Speaking to Gabby today was a disaster. Before providing bank details for a refund, I advised her of how disadvantaged I was, of how bad their service was & of how unacceptable it was of them to take $500 & put me out. I had the option of ordering the furniture from their neighbour but they aggressively undercut them to take my business - yet didn't deliver. 3. I advised that I would add a review to social sites to share my experience. At this point, I believe she pretended not to hear me & said "I'm sorry I no longer can hear you". This now left my deposit in jeopardy. 4. I decided to drive into the store to get my deposit back. Chris then called & lost his temper. "You WILL listen to me" he said. Knowing I was driving in & to show him that I WILL NOT listen to him- I ended my call. 5. The store then called me 8 consecutive times. Each of which I rejected. 6. Upon entering the shop - I calmly requested for my deposit. I was asked to enter my PIN number into the eftpos terminal which simply said $500 PIN. I asked how I knew that was a credit. 'Just enter yr pin & the receipt will tell u afterwards' 7. Gabriella then aggressively cancelled the transaction & told me to give her my bank details so they can do an online refund which I would get in 2 days. 8. Working at a bank & knowing how direct credits & debits work - I found 2 days unreasonable so I was prepared to put my PIN number & review the receipt. At that point - with Chris calling out obscenities in the background - Gabriella re- did the online credit & showed me the word REFUND 9. After the credit was processed -Chris continued to shout derogatory comments -something like "we don't need your business, good riddance to bad rubbish etc" 10. 8 hours after leaving the store & finalising my business with that store - I got a txt message from Gabrielle saying "I just discovered with great interest where you work. It works both ways you know.." 11. Uncertain of why my work place is of any concern to a place I am no longer doing business with - I took this message as a threat & shared it with the police 12. I have also taken offence to Gabrielle using my personal details (taken at the time of a sale) to communicate with me in this manner. 13. I am also now reporting the store to NCAT for misusing my personal details & allowing their staff to take information gathered at the time of a sale - to be used personally. This means that since providing g the store with my name & address & credit card number - all of this personal information is available for mis use within their staff Each to their own but my family, friends & I certainly would not deal with this store again because my experience was so horrendous & that my personal information was used in such a manner is horrifying.

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